Vietnam National University, Hanoi
University of Engineering and Technology
144 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam

As the first modern university established and one of the two national universities in Vietnam, Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) has undergone various stages of development: the University of Indochina established on 16 May, 1906; Vietnam National University (November, 1945); the University of Hanoi (June, 1956). In December 1993, VNU was reorganized on the basis of amalgamating the University of Hanoi and some other leading universities in Hanoi. Being the largest comprehensive higher education and research center in Vietnam, VNU is entrusted with the task of producing highly qualified human resources and talents for the industrialization and modernization of the country. VNU has high autonomy in personnel organization, academic programs, scientific research and technological development, planning and finance, international relations and other fields.

VNU University of Engineering and Technology (VNU-UET) was founded in 2004 by reorganizing the former Faculty of Technology established in 1999 and Center for Cooperation in Mechanics Training established in 1997. At VNU-UET, we are developing an international-standard university environment of proper education, active research, open and friendly exchange and cooperation, modern university governance and administration, and an humanity-enriched working and living environment. VNU-UET is committed to be a place for creativity to grow.


Being the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is an old, antique and unique city with more than 1000 years of history. Hanoi is the second largest city of Vietnam in term of population and also a cultural, political, and economical centre of Vietnam. Hanoi is famous for its plentiful cultural relics, scenes of beauty, 36 Old Quarters, tasting foods and yummy delicacies, and most of all, a green and peaceful environment.